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Welcome to ZIEPEST CONTROL AND SERVICES, your pest control specialist with over 10 years experience.

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We offer services from Residual Spraying, Thermal Fogging, Rodents Control, Anti Termite Corrective Treatment (slab injection) and more!

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Welcome to ZIEPEST CONTROL AND SERVICES , was established since 2006 by Mr. Mohd Faudzi Bin Darikah who has over 10 years of experience, serving as Managing Director.

ZIEPEST CONTROL AND SERVICES is a professional service establishment, specialising in all forms of pest control services. We are etablished with the objective of playing a role in nation building by providing PEST CONTROL SERVICES to individual & corporate property owners. Our managment team & skilled staff have years of experience in environmental care and pest control services, having worked in this field in other companies providing similar services for 23 year.

Management Philosophy

  • To provide quality products & best possible services that are fair to customers.
  • To comply with all relevant legislation requirements as prescribed by the Government.
  • To safeguard the health & safety of staff and customers at all times.
  • To assist in ensuring a safe & clean environment whilst rendering Pest Control services to the public.

With the support of our loyal customers, business associates and distributors,  ZIEPEST CONTROL AND SERVICES will continue to grow and is committed to providing quality and effective pest management solutions to our customers. For the Bahasa Malaysia version of Pest Control Services or Kawalan Serangga please click here